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Small to mid-sized business owners have turned to Florida State Loans for years in Tallahassee after conventional lenders and banks denied their business loan requests.


  • General improvements
  • Business expansion
  • New opportunities
  • Bulk purchases

Since 2005 we're completely focused on the needs of small business owners and providing them with quick and easy access to affordable small business loans.

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Florida State Loans is dedicated to providing working capital to you, the small business owner. Large financial institutions dominate the business marketplace. We are motivated to offer tailored business loans. We offer:

  • Term Loans
  • 6 months to 5 years
  • Highly competitive rates. $500 guarantee – ask me how

The staff at Florida State Loans has a deep understanding and a real appreciation for what it takes to make a business succeed. Often the only obstacle to real success is the lack of access to adequate funding and working capital. That’s why Florida State Loans is proud to work with entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners.

  • Credit challenges – no problem
  • Grow your business dreams
  • Customized alternative loans

Just miss the cut at the bank? Let us help you get a small business loan even with bad credit. Whether its a short term business loan or longer we can provide you with the best possible outcome for your small business.

At Florida State Loans, we make getting a small business loan fast and easy with our streamlined application process. We know getting access to capital can be a long and painful process. We look at your business holistically instead of a just a credit score. We reward your business with fair access to capital.

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